Rabbi Mendy Lipskier

Serving the State of Arizona 

Rabbi Mendy Lipskier offers ritual circumcision according to the highest orthodox standards and traditions.

He trained under the leading Mohel in all of Jerusalem, Rabbi Chaim Moshe Veisberg, official Mohel of Sharei Tzedek Hospital where he received internship and training,  and he is experienced in all areas of circumcision.

He can be reached by phone or email Office 480-776-4763 Home 480-862-6358 or  [email protected]

No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.  

A member of the International Bris Association. 



Brit Milah Overview
Mazal Tov!
Pregnancy and Birth
Laws and Customs
No Clamps
Almost Painless
Shalom Zachar
The Proper Time and Place
Honorees at the Brit
The Brit Procedure
Choosing a Name
Zohar for the Brit
The Day Before the Brit
Insights and Stories
Jaundice and the Circumcision
The Brit Ceremony
The Shir Hamaalos

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