It is a great pleasure to welcome you to join the Jewish Women's Circle - a forum, where women of all ages and backgrouds come together.

Each event is well rounded and entertaining, with friends to meet, workshops, and delicious refreshments. Take a night off each month to socialize, create and challenge your mind with a fascinating group discussion on Judaism. Celebrate the uniquely feminine destiny of the Jewish Women and the decisive role we play in the ultimate purpose of creation. Reward yourself - you deserve it!

An event is only as good as the people behind it, so I invite you to join and share your unique talents with our group. There are numerous ways to get involved. You can host the event in your home, participate in the setting up, shopping and decorating, or sponsor an event. However you choose to contribute, we'll be glad to have you on board.

Looking forward to greeting you at our next JWC event!

Tzipi Lipskier,